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Thank you for visiting Waterfront Official Shop.
We are engaged in "umbrella manufacturing" from planning to manufacturing and sales.
The feeling of comfort and security that comes from using an umbrella, and the love that comes with choosing an umbrella that is carefully selected.
You can enjoy umbrellas as part of your fashion, or as a thoughtful gift for someone.
We would like to deliver umbrellas that surprise, impress, and satisfy customers.
I would be happy if you could find a product that brings you closer to that kind of satisfaction.

Please take your time and enjoy the Waterfront umbrella.


Shopping flow


Please choose your favorite product.



On the product details page, select "Color" and press the "Add to Cart" button.
*At this stage, it has not yet been officially purchased.


If you wish to pay with the items in your shopping cart, please press the "View Cart" button.
*For delivery date and time and other requests, please enter them in the [Special instructions for sellers] field (you can also enter them in STEP-4).


Once you have decided on the product you wish to purchase, please select "Checkout" in your shopping cart.

*For delivery date and time and other requests, please enter them in the [Special instructions for sellers] field (not required if you have already entered them in STEP-3).
*Free gift wrapping is not available. If you would like to have your item wrapped, please add a gift box to your cart along with your item.


Please enter your contact information, delivery address, etc. from the login screen.



Check the details of your order, and if you are satisfied with the details, click "Pay now"
Press the button to complete your order.


*If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes after completing your order, members can check the order details from [Purchase History List] on [My Page].

Emails may end up in the [Spam] box. If it is not in your regular mail box, we would appreciate it if you could check it as well.


About payment methods

Payment is

  1. credit card
  2. Online payment Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay

You can choose from two types.

1.About credit card payment

You can use JCB/VISA/MASTER/Diner's Club/AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards.
Payment will be automatically deducted from your designated account based on the terms and conditions of each credit card company.


2.About Amazon Pay

You can pay with your Amazon account.
Log in to Amazon by clicking the "Login with Amazon Account" button on the shopping cart screen, and select the credit card registered to your Amazon account on the order screen.
For details, please see the image below on the Amazon Pay homepage.

amazon pay

  • *A pre-registered Amazon account is required.
  • *It may not be possible to use the service depending on the usage status of the registered credit card.
  • *This service cannot be used if credit card information is not registered in your Amazon account.
  • *Amazon points will not be awarded.
  • *Amazon pay Contact:


Regarding delivery

We will deliver to your designated location throughout Japan.

  • Free shipping for purchases over 3,980 yen (tax included) (*Excluding Okinawa Prefecture and remote islands)
  • *However, prices may change during event periods. Thank you for your understanding.

Delivered by courier (Sagawa Express) or mail (Japan Post).
It takes approximately 2 to 5 days from receiving your order to delivery.

Please see our shipping policy for more details.


How the cart works

If you place an item in your cart at the same time as another customer, the person who confirmed their order first will have priority.
After entering the required information, your order will be finalized when the order completion screen is displayed.
Therefore, items are not reserved when you add them to your cart. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

About stock/out of stock

  • Regarding inventory , even products displayed on the "Product Details" screen or "Cart" may be sold out after you place your order, depending on the timing of inventory status updates.

  • What to do when an item is out of stock <br>Due to a rush of orders due to sales, etc., there is a possibility that the item you ordered may be out of stock after your order is confirmed. In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we will contact you via email.
    * If you have purchased multiple items and there are out-of-stock items, please note that the items will be shipped only after we receive your reply.


About returns, exchanges, and cancellations

For more information on returns, exchanges, cancellations, etc., please see our refund policy .