CiRiC with RENU®︎

New umbrella made of environmentally friendly, connectable and sustainable materials

Waterfront's first step towards SDGs.

We have released two products: a flat folding umbrella that is easy to carry, and a long umbrella type that is easy to use!

■The umbrella fabric we use is recycled polyester yarn [RENUⓇ] from ITOCHU Corporation, which is made by collecting discarded clothing and fabrics and turning them into new fibers.

CiRiC is Waterfront's original fabric, which is a combination of [Circulation], which means circulation, and [Fabric], which means fabric. Achieving sustainability to make the world as sustainable as possible

■Water repellency does not deteriorate even after washing 70 times, achieving durable water repellency and over 90% UV protection.


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